Germany, May 2019

The flight was turbulent, more because of my choice of appetizer than the atmosphere, but definitely an enjoyable fourteen hours at high altitude. The architecture was a beautiful slap in the face. Frankfurt airport was a concrete and glass jungle, but more striking were the automobiles. Emergency and utility vehicles were nearly all Benz, which are usually a status symbol in the States. Many taxis are also quality German engineering, and high-dollar BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes are a common sight. Our train to Munich was fairly quick, but the seats were far from painless. It was, however, much quieter than the plane. Munich is arranged like a massive village, ancient and condensed to accommodate so many people. Paved bikeways are alongside brick walkways, designed to separate low and high speed pedestrians. I appreciate this very much, as bikers are not nearly as well liked in the states. Cyclists here also keep very good pace, even if they only are commuting on a mountain bike, they are able to maintain speeds I reach on a carbon road bike.

We walked along the small apartments and quaint yards, scattered with bicycles, motorbikes and scooters to our first restaurant. After getting a few beers (LEGALLY!) I tried to pronounce my order in native tongue, apparently with a bit of success. Our waiter knew a decent bit of English, and appreciated my attempt at the accent. The dish, which I’ll not even attempt to spell, was unbelievable. Another beer at the hotel lobby and we’re straight to bed, exhausted and ready for an early morning. Pictures are to come!

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