After passing through beautiful Austrian mountains on the train, the first clear sign of Switzerland was the stadium-sized IKEA. The entire area of Baar seemed like a sprawling, conservative neighborhood, besides of course the cannabis-infused tea in vending machine, directly above condoms (advertised on the machine). The Swiss Alps were visible from nearly every part of the town, and especially visible from the bar and restaurant we visited on night one. After a(n excellent) continental breakfast on the first floor, Gus and I bussed out to the Rosengart museum, featuring many works of Picasso. Also in Lucerne were a few famous bridges, an amazing Lion sculpted into a cliff side, and a museum of local glacier gorges. Not far from this museum, a massive wooden tower poked out above the skyline and offered a perfect view of the mountain range.

We linked up with mom after an amazing meal at Negishi, a local sushi joint in Lucerne. We took a train out to Lindenpark, which was nestled against the Rigi mountain. It’s a popular place for commercial HQs and many apartment complexes across the platform. A quick hustle to collect our mom and shuffle our bags between the correct trains got us on the TGV (train grand vites, or

very fast train) and en route to Paris. It was a short day and a half, but by FAR, the cars were the best sight here.I saw several Ferraris, innumerable varieties of Porsche, and higher classes of Benz, BMWs, Audis that had been all over Germany. Motorcycles and bikes were a more common form of transport than cars. I got high from drinking vending machine tea. There were 5 dealerships situated around a tiny, rich, well-dressed town with a gorgeous view of the sea. This was the closest outward manifestation of my personality so far, and I’d never leave (if I were making the 6+ figures required to survive there).

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