Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reveal

Its been two days since the next Call of Duty was announced and I decided to take those days to let the initial firestorm die down before I provided my own take. To those confused (or possibly just out of the loop) the next Call of Duty is in fact titled “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” and is being referred to by the term “soft reboot,” something I have heard what seems like hundreds of times since the trailer released on Thursday. Soft reboot simply means that they will keep many of the characters and aspects of the classic Modern Warfare series, however the world will exist in 2019 without shared events such as nuclear detonations and the invasion of the U.S. by Russian forces in MW2. Captain John Price and John “Soap” MacTavish are two characters already confirmed to be returning from the original Modern Warfare series providing much excitement to fans.

From the campaign reveal trailer and statements from developers, this Call of Duty is set to be the most realistic to date, and that’s not just lip service. To start, the trailer looks beautiful and when coupled with the tag “Actual In Game Footage” at the beginning, shows something very promising to fans in the name of a 5 year secret engine project that even now remains semi shrouded in mystery. While its not confirmed to be an entirely new engine, whatever it is the difference is apparent and graphics are anticipated to be phenomenal and night and day in comparison to previous games. The Infinity Ward developers have taken a great deal of time to make the realism very apparent and in both the missions shown to guest viewers the lines of combat are blurred as decisions and actions that are taken most certainly could be classified as “controversial” which I think is a good call coming from a company that less than two years ago received backlash for refusing to include Nazi symbols in a World War II video game. Infinity Ward stated that they want Modern Warfare to feel “ripped from the headlines” and will include terrorism as a main focus of the campaign.  

I have been a major CoD fan for about as long as I have played video games. Along with Halo, CoD4 was one of the first fps games I picked up and I’ve been playing them ever since. Anyone paying even a little bit of attention to the franchise over the last few years will have realized the lackluster sales performance and fanfare of the games. Following Black Ops II (one of the most positively rated Call of Duties of all time) we have received Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, Black Ops III, Infinite Warfare, WWII, and Black Ops IV, all of which have received harsh criticism for their own reasons. In recent years I have grown hesitant to place excitement in a Call of Duty months before its release and am tired of the disappointment and lackluster performance. Something about this game just feels different however and while I will still be taking in the prerelease news with a grain of salt, I am very hopeful about what this October could bring and the direction the franchise is taking. Stay tuned for more down the road.

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