Why is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?

Just got back from my vacation!  I saw the duality of life. The Worm hole that life is….folded in on itself horizontally… I got very confused when the top of the worm hole was actually death and the bottom of the wormhole was life.  Idk I just figured it would be the other way around ya know, like life on top and death on the bottom, duh.   But…why should it?? Why would it? Says who.  Doesn’t matter.  It collapsed in on itself… and started spinning.  Spinning! And as soon as that happened… Read More

5 Things I’ve Learned from Being Alive

I often find myself lying awake at night, staring out my bedroom window at the moon as if I am some sort of lost wolf. As I gaze at the magnificent glow of the moon I start to day dream, or I guess night dream, of what I would be doing right now if I had unlimited funds. I like to think that I would be traveling the world and learning as much as I could, I would be throwing island yacht parties with my closest friends, and my family would be… Read More

Why I decided to learn guitar

My freshman year of college I found myself with a lot of free time. I would get done with classes around 1pm and would have really nothing to do for the remainder of the day. Obviously I could do my homework and get a head start on my classes but why would I want to do meaningless problems for Business Statistics when I could do something more interesting? My friends are in a pretty successful band that has achieved twenty-one thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, and my roommate just so happened to… Read More