5 Things I’ve Learned from Being Alive

I often find myself lying awake at night, staring out my bedroom window at the moon as if I am some sort of lost wolf. As I gaze at the magnificent glow of the moon I start to day dream, or I guess night dream, of what I would be doing right now if I had unlimited funds. I like to think that I would be traveling the world and learning as much as I could, I would be throwing island yacht parties with my closest friends, and my family would be… Read More

Why I decided to learn guitar

My freshman year of college I found myself with a lot of free time. I would get done with classes around 1pm and would have really nothing to do for the remainder of the day. Obviously I could do my homework and get a head start on my classes but why would I want to do meaningless problems for Business Statistics when I could do something more interesting? My friends are in a pretty successful band that has achieved twenty-one thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, and my roommate just so happened to… Read More