Paris, France

Our TGV ride took us through the beautiful countrysides of France at blistering speed, and much greater comfort than a plane. The seats were comfortable, I was able to get a fair amount of sleep, and the chefs in the rear train car were very entertaining, and patient with my returning, meager French. The three or four miniature bottles of wine also eased the ride. Can you tell so love the drinking age in Europe? “Passenger” by Hippo Campus just began as we pulled onto the platform of Gare de Lyon, and… Read More


After passing through beautiful Austrian mountains on the train, the first clear sign of Switzerland was the stadium-sized IKEA. The entire area of Baar seemed like a sprawling, conservative neighborhood, besides of course the cannabis-infused tea in vending machine, directly above condoms (advertised on the machine). The Swiss Alps were visible from nearly every part of the town, and especially visible from the bar and restaurant we visited on night one. After a(n excellent) continental breakfast on the first floor, Gus and I bussed out to the Rosengart museum, featuring many works… Read More

Germany Continued: Dachau and Munich

  We got up this morning very early to get a jump on our full day concentration camp tour. Not very cheery, I know. Short train rides brought us to the Dachau camp memorial, where we discussed rules of the tour with our guide, and prepared for an eight hour, very somber excursion. Marcin was unbelievably informative, and seemed well invested in all the information he provided. We saw a replication of the barracks in Stages One, Two, and Three of the Holocaust. Guard towers were around the courtyard, where countless thousands… Read More

Germany, May 2019

The flight was turbulent, more because of my choice of appetizer than the atmosphere, but definitely an enjoyable fourteen hours at high altitude. The architecture was a beautiful slap in the face. Frankfurt airport was a concrete and glass jungle, but more striking were the automobiles. Emergency and utility vehicles were nearly all Benz, which are usually a status symbol in the States. Many taxis are also quality German engineering, and high-dollar BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes are a common sight. Our train to Munich was fairly quick, but the seats were far… Read More